The Brother C has earned himself a reputation as a DJ who not only plays his music, but knows his music. Having “paid his dues” since the early 80s as a DJ in the disco, soul, jazz and funk club scene, he has taken that knowledge and experience (and substantial collection!) and is now using all of this to greater appreciation. During the 80s, he began DJing as a guest at various club nights and bars, but it was at the beginning of the early 90s (when the music he grew up with became “old school”), that he first became known as a “boogie DJ”, playing guest spots with the likes of ConFunkShun, the Boogie Boys and the Boys from Brazil, and going on to become a resident and rotation guest at club nights in London such as Gon’ Clear, Soul Kitchen, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and Soul Central.


Over the past 9-10 years, the Brother C has extended his repertoire to include his increasing love of soulful house, broken beat and nu-jazz, and is just as comfortable mixing Masters at Work with Cameo, Earth, Wind and Fire with Kerri Chandler, Herbie Hancock with Blaze, or Jazzanova with Stevie Wonder. During his sets, you’ll find the emphasis is on the musical journey of soul in and out of three decades - the 70s, 80s and 90s, along with future classics – and listeners will always be “uplifted”. His DJing style is very much of the “old school” – tightly mixed, and just letting the music speak for itself…


He currently promotes and DJs at a regular night known as “Househuntin' ", along with numerous guest spots in and around Central London, and has completed a number of mix CDs to showcase his talents as well as promoting the music he loves. For the future, he has become a resident DJ of Pressure Radio, the UK dance Internet radio station, hosting his own show "Risin' ", and looking further afield with a view to returning to music production and songwriting.

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(with thanks to Christabel Nsiah-Buadi in NYC for the write-up!!)


...some people need to be thanked for their help, advice, encouragement and support - the roll-call is as follows (and if I've forgotten anyone, it's not because of your lack of contribution!):

...Claire H (not enough space!!), the two Colins, Nico, Gary M and Gary G, Tony F, Fitz n' Stefania for the "shakefoot", the Househuntin' stable, Rosanna and Elena (besos!!), Mr. Christian for the fantastic CD covers, Chris and Jay in the Big Apple, DJ Raah, Shadwa (UN, innit, doh!!), Macky n' the Benn N Twiss crew, JP and Dean Savonne for the quality tunes, Danny J (Rainbow Nation got soul!!) and DJ Semi, DJP and GJD (Pressure Mama - whoop, whoop!!) for the Pressure Love, Si Sutton, Mr. Noisy, Miloe, the Logistix boys and Andy Ward, and the rest of my new-found PressureRadio and Vocal Booth families for the "big-ups" (you people crazy!!), the Ladies Applegarth, Linz for coming to places where I know she hates the decor (what about the music?!), Derek for the techie chats, "Charlie's Angels" (you know who you are!), and last but NEVER least, L-J, D and N...for their presence!!





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