...what started off innocuously enough as two brother DJs on PressureRadio, has turned in recent months into a fledgling production and remixing team who are beginning to make a mark on the scene...


 The story behind the SoulTwins begins with our initial collaboration in promoting the "Soulful Saturdays" sessions on PressureRadio in 2008, and as our friendship developed, so it became apparent that we shared a love of house music that is soulful and deep, but also (and most significantly) a strong affinity for broken beats and nu-jazz...

...cut to the 2009 Vocal Booth Weekender, and the first time that myself and Miloe Deejay met face-to-face - in the midst of the first meeting of so many Vocal Booth and Pressure Family members, it was the time spent in discussion about things musical and our individual desires to make a move into production and remixing that really left an impression on us both. But it wasn't until the following year's Vocal Booth, that we actually played our first joint set - and the resultant reaction of the VB faithful to our tag-teaming of "Risin' " and "The Downtown Soulcast" was such that on our return to the UK, we decided to take the step of dipping our toes into collaborating on remixing projects. Some 6 months later (after more discussion, and building our respective studios!) in early 2011, we presented our first individual remixes via our shows - Chante Moore & Keith Washington's Candlelight And You (The Brother C's "Champagne On Ice" Rework), and "I Love You In Heaven" (Miloe v Kerri v Trina Broussard). Buoyed by the positive reaction from our peers and our listeners, more remixes have since seen the light of day, and in June, we were commissioned to create our first commercial (and collective) remixes - Thulipilis' "Singing Piano", which is destined for release in early 2012.

Since March 2011 (effectively the beginning of the SoulTwins partnership), we have once again teamed up to open the "Triple S Sessions" at last year's Vocal Booth Weekender, and represented PressureRadio in October 2011's "Deep Into Soul" night - and in March of 2012, we are so proud to have our first commercial remix available to the masses - The SoulTwins remixes of "Lebzito feat. Thulipilis - Singing" are now available on Traxsource!! out for more production and remixing goodness for your listening entertainment coming soon!!

...for more details about the SoulTwins and to listen to our output so far, visit the DowntownSoul website!!





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