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"Untitled": the 2002 mixes - some of my favourite tunes from the "Untitled" nights

Sundown at Waikiki - Latin, vocal and instrumental flavas from my residency at the                           Waikiki Bar

Times Three - vocal house bombs, pure and simple!!

Summertime - feel-good summer house licks

Old, New...and Broken for You - a mix of classic soul remixes, broken                           beats and some deep soulful house grooves

The Funky to The Smooth - funky-edged joints to sweet soulful licks, via broken                           and deeper cuts

Loungin' - a more laid back, cooled-out vibe - chill out or's your                           choice!!

Loungin' II - a mix of cooled-out soulful, deep and Latin house nuggets...more laid                           back niceness!!

Summer's End - a mix reflecting an autumn mood - sultry Latin and cool soulful                           house cuts...perfect late-night-at-home-in-the-warm listening!!

We Love House! - a mix of soulful and deep hotness -  get your dancing shoes on!!

Night Falls - a mix of soulful and Latin house, with cold, dark winter evenings in                          mind...kick back, relax, and let the vibe flow through you...

26 Soul Avenue Ground Floor Mix - a mix of soulful and Latin hotness - oh yeah,                          you'll dance!!

Summer Groove - as the name suggests - a mix of sweet soulful vibes for a                          summer's day or evening...just listen!!

Miloe & The Brother C - Vocal Booth Weekender 2010 Set - the first set of the                          2010 Vocal Booth Weekender on the Saturday Triple S Sessions - a mix of soulful,                          deep and broken bits n' pieces for the family!!

A Joyful Noise - another mix of soulful and deep cuts alongside broken beats,                          showcased on the "A Deeper Groove" website

The Brother C & Miloe - Vocal Booth Weekender 2011 Set - a year later, and                          now established as The SoulTwins, myself and Miloe Deejay deliver the first set of                          the 2011 Vocal Booth Weekender for the Saturday Triple S Sessions - soulful, deep                          and broken goodies to rouse the troops!!

Guest mixes - fellow cohorts in sound!!


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"Risin' " and "The Pressure"...



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